8 Posting Trends On Instagram And The Apps To Use

It is simple to take a photo/video on Instagram and write a description, use hashtags, probably tag it to a location, add a filter and be done with the post. A lot of beginners and regular Instagram users know these basics. However, those that browse the app a lot and also follow users with many followers would have taken note of some posting habit trends that's becoming quite popular among several users.

The bigger trends usually require using other additional apps to edit their pictures and videos before posting them on Instagram. Some trends are quite clear but even then, it's not always easy to find a suitable app to follow that specific trend. Discussed below is a list of some of the biggest posting trends on Instagram with the corresponding apps that can be used to jump on those trends.

1. Post In Landscape or Portrait Orientation
Any post you want to make on Instagram, either photos or videos, need to be first cropped and also posted in square orientation. It is somewhat annoying as photos are taken on almost all phone cameras in both landscape and portrait orientation. However, you probably have seen pictures on Instagram that weren't first cropped before they were posted. On iOS, the leading app to do this is Squaready. The best apps to use: SquareIt for Android and Squaready for iOS.

2. Add text overlay in different Fonts and Colors
Everything you want to explain can certainly be written out by captioning an Instagram post. It would however be nice to sometimes add some words or maybe quotes to a video or photo using a lovely font. You can choose from various text overlay apps to include clearer messages in lovely fonts to your posts. The best app to use: Over for Android and iOS. One of the most popular apps used for this is Repost.

3. Create a framed Collage By Combining Photos and Or Videos In One Post
There are some posts on Instagram that comprises of a collection of pictures, framed together as a collage. It can also be done for videos. Some are made up of just two videos or photos while others comprises of as many as four, five, six or even more. It makes it easier to show a series of related videos or photos at once, instead of posting each one separately. The best app to use: Layout for Android and iOS.

4. Add Music To A Photo Slideshow and Share it as a video
At some point, you've most likely seen at least one Flipagram slideshow video shared on Instagram. This app allows users to easily add pictures from Facebook, Instagram or from the photo library on your smartphone to make a slideshow. You can then add some music and share it on Instagram as a video. With this, you can post several pictures as a video in a fun way. The best app to use: Flipagram for Android and iOS.

5. Repost a photo Another User Posted

One of the few well known social networking apps that doesn't have a repost or re-share feature is Instagram. Normal reposting on other apps involves sharing videos or photos posted by other users on your own wall or page. On Instagram however, you can either use an app or you can screenshot the friend's content you want to repost. One of the most popular apps used for this is Repost. The best app to use: Repost for Android and iOS.

6. Get More Likes By Using Popular Hashtags

Most regular Instagram users know that in order to get more likes, it is important to use the right Hashtags. You don't have to manually add them each time you want to make a new post anymore, there are apps you can use that'll curate popular Hashtags for you. Additionally, the app will automatically add the Hashtags to your post, thus, increasing your chances of getting likes from using Hashtags. The best app to use: Tags for Likes for Android and iOS.

7. Blend Multiple photos, Create Mirrored Reflections or Clone Yourself
It's pretty common on Instagram to see posts with framed collages or text overlay in nice fonts. If you however follow some pros, it's highly likely you've come across other things like blended images, ripple reflection effects and multiple clones of a single person in one picture. These effects may look complex, but they are however simple to do if you have the right app. The best app to use: Split Pics for Android and iOS.

8. Add patterns, Shapes and Other Graphics Design Effects
On Instagram today, most people don't just post ordinary simple photos anymore. Now, you'd see various posts with different colors, shapes, lines and other effects. There are many apps you can use to add awesome graphic designs so as to make your photos more gorgeous. These apps allow you do this quickly and easily. You also don't need any complicated Photoshopping or graphic design skills. The best apps to use: InstaShape for Android and Photo Candy for iOS.